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GBO Bipod Spikes for Atlas Bipods, Quick Install, Quick Release, (2 Pack)

Bipod Quick Change Spike Feet Bipod Feet Replacement 2pcs CNC Aluminum Black 

  • Spiked Feet Fit Atlas Bipods
  • Dramatically Increased Stability, Grips on ANY Surface!
  • Reduced Shooter Fatigue!
  • Rugged Good Looks!
  • Black Color

Dramatically improve your shooting experience in all terrain and weather conditions with the Bipod Spikes. These replacement spiked feet with help you get and stay on target on ANY surface. When hunting you may only have a few seconds for that perfect opportunity to take a shot, make the terrain wherever you happen to be at that moment work for you! Target shooters love the spikes as they grip on wood and concrete benches and help the gun recoil in a straight line and eliminate hop helping you spot your own shots and stay on target for faster and more precise follow-up shots!