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The Essential Underwater Fishing Light That Delivers Absolutely Great Results!

Plug In. Drop In. Reel In.

Are You Ready To Attract Massive Game Fish Directly To Your Boat Or Dock?

Would Your Fishing Experience Improve Significantly If You Had Control Of Your Personal Bait Fish Cyclone With An Almost 10 Foot Radius? 

The Green Blob Underwater Fishing Light is the secret to becoming a highly effective professional night fisherman.


Imagine What Your Fishing Experience Would Be Like!

  • No matter where you fish you will create your own reservoir of game fish.
  • No matter where you travel to you could have access to your personal cyclone of bait.
  • When others go home you could stay on the lake or dock catching fish they wish they'd reeled in.
  • You would be able to establish a recognized pattern by game fish!(that's right, they'll remember where that green light is every night).
  • You could fish unfamiliar water and catch as many fish as the locals(in fact, they'll probably ask for your secret).
  • You would have confidence that anywhere you go, at any time during the night that you will have a fish on your line.













With our Green Blob Underwater Fishing Light You will experience...

  • A plethora of delicious bugs for bait fish.
  • A cyclone of bait fish unlike you've ever seen before.
  • A personal reservoir of lurking game fish.
  • Your very own aquarium to watch these predators swim through thousands upon thousands of bait.
  • Throwing a simple fishing net and pulling in more bait fish then you know what to do with.
  • Jealous fishermen wondering where you got your light.
  • Creating your very own hot spot no matter where you go.
  • Have the locals of Florida, Costa Rica, Port Aransas, the Great Lakes, ANYWHERE wondering why they aren't reeling 'em in and you are.
  • A super fun experience to be had with your entire family (No fishing pole even required! Just sit back and watch the show).
  • Discover game fish you didn't even know lurked in your waters.
  • Every night will be a different night. One night you have gar, another night is snook, tomorrow a shark, you just NEVER know!
  • The cramping of your hands as you keep on reeling in the big ones.
  • The ease of transportation of your secret fishing weapon. Plug in, drop in, reel 'em in!
  • And Much Much More....





underwater fishing light

Dear Fellow fishing Enthusiast,

If you seek the impressive results obtained by pro fishing masters that land significant quantities of game fish on any body of water....

.... then this is going to be the most valuable
light you'll ever discover on the web.

Because you're about to join an elite group of game fish anglers who can fish any location,
at any hour during the night.

Why does fishing have to end when the sun goes down? No need to go home at dark thirty.

But before I get into that.... allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Mark Collier. I started fishing over 50 years ago now in a small town in Texas called Rockdale.

Yes, you read that right, it's not a typo, as of June 2019 I hit the 55. Where have the years gone?

Over these many years I've had my hands on literally hundreds of fishing lights... all crap. So, I took the opportunity to construct one of my own that works effectively on all fish (bass, crappie, trout, snook, sharks, and even manta rays!).

This fishing light is my personal secret to creating a bait fish frenzy on my boat that has other night fishermen stopping to ask where I got it (or to just watch me reel 'em in).

Here's the deal....

Let me ask a you a simple question.

Why Is It That 99% of Anglers Struggle To Get a Nibble, Much Less Catch a Fish When the Sun Goes Down?

I'll tell you why!

Professional Night Fishers know that you need the right attractant!

Professional Night Fishers know that fish won't come unless you give them a reason to.

Professional Night Fishers understand fish behavior, how fish relate to their environment and how to produce a strike.

Professional Night Fishers know how to adapt and use bait fish to their advantage.

Professional Night Fishers know how to establish a bait fish frenzy to create specific situations for the highest percentage chance of catching a big one.

Professional Night Fishers understand the power of a green light and its chain reaction.


-Mark Collier (Founder & Builder)







Still unsure? Check out what just a few of our buyers had to say about the Green Blob!


It was amazing how quickly the time-chain of reaction occurred from time of placement, to first sight of minnows then larger feeder fish appeared.
This thing REALLY works!

Steve E. (Texas)


Couldn't get to the lake fast enough! The green blob is the best purchase I've made in a long while. Soon as I dropped it in the water I started to get a reaction from baitfish and soon they covered the whole bottom of my boat! Will be buying another

Pat M. (Florida)


I ordered the 1500 led blob and received it about a week later. Although the light is not very large it lights up the water like an alien invasion. After a few minutes in the water I had 1000’s of minnows, and threadfin shad circling the boat. It literally looked like the picture in the ad. I got the alligator clips which unplug to change to a cigarette lighter adapter which is a nice bonus feature. Good job green blob on a well-made and useful product.

Paul S. (Alabama)


Best Light I've Ever Used! Wonderful Customer Service!

Ronnie B. (Tennessee)


Easy and Effective! Had a blast night finishing in rockport with our purchase! Kids enjoyed seeing all the fish it attracted! Very happy with our purchase!

Chelsea G. (Texas)


Totally Fantastic! I’ve used it a few times out in the bay and bayous and it draws the bait fish like a magnet!

Robert M. (Alabama)


Excellent! Brighter than I expected! Works well in the freshwater lakes I fish in Arkansas!

Bradley W. (Arkansas)


Excellent Customer Service! Thank you for a great product and good customer service. I will surely be ordering from your company again.

Lowell M. (Florida)


Great! The unit is working VERY well and drawing in a lot of fish, particularly Snook.

Stephen P. (Texas)


Outstanding Service! I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge the outstanding service that Mark has provided. My green blob gave me some trouble and Mark stood behind their product and made things right. We love the light and will be purchasing another one here soon. We sincerely appreciate the customer care and wanted to thank you again!!!

Patrick D. (Florida)


This is A Product Unlike Any Other And I Know You'll Be Sending Me Pictures And Videos Of Your Success


The Problem With The Lights Of Our Competitors...

First of all, MOST of them are not built in the United States! You are getting pre-built junk from China. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. This is why they can sell these lights for so cheap because:

  1. They don't last.
  2. They aren't durable.
  3. Sometimes they can even be dangerous.

WARNING: Halogen Lights will BURN your skin!


Reasons why we DON'T use Halogen Bulbs on our Fishing Lights:

  1. Are dangerous to the touch when left on for just a few minutes.
  2. Cannot touch bulb even when the bulb is cool. The oil from your skin can shorten the life of the bulb.
  3. EXTREMELY short lifespan. Less than 1,000 hours! Compared to our fishing light (which uses LEDs) which clocks in around 50,000 hours!


You Can Be Experiencing This Amazing Night Fishing Secret In Just A Few Days!

Order this amazing Underwater Fishing Light right now and start discovering the secret to professional night Fishing within just a few days!... yes, that's right....


That's because I've hired three Texas born and raised fishermen to help me build these lights by hand. You heard me right! BY HAND!

The fishing light is simple! Just plug it in (Outlet or Alligator Clips) and drop her in the water.

Don't worry, there is nothing else you need to do but just wait a few minutes before the action begins.







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That's right! We are adding +20 Feet to your blob (a $40 value)! Feel free to drop your blob up to 30 feet! (Blob normally comes with 10 feet of cord)

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Make sure your light goes off when YOU want it to by utilizing this easy to install timer that connects to an ordinary outlet. Don't want to use it on your blob? Use it for your Christmas lights!

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  • Free Timer ($20 Value)
  • Handmade in the heart of Texas
  • 6-Month Warranty Guarantee
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6-Month Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If something for whatever reason goes wrong within 6-months we will repair or even send you a brand new blob! Don't worry, you're in good hands. We give you the Texan Guarantee.