Ergonomic Forward point-shooting Angled Foregrip Grip BLACK VTS PTK

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Ergonomic Pointing Grip conceptualizes within its design a unique combat proven instinctive shooting method incorporating natural pointing positioning for enhanced accuracy, speed and overall performance. The Versatile Tactical Support provides a large variety of solutions for forward grip positioning, enhancing comfort and increasing accuracy.
  • Provides natural grip positioning for point and shoot techniques
  • Ergonomic design prevents fatigue and Increases long term accuracy
  • Maintains natural body stance
  • Allows versatile positioning for optimal comfort
  • Made of a single piece of durable polymer composite
  • Provides an additional compartment for cleaning kit or spare battery
  • Fits on all 1913 MIL-STD picatinny rails
  • Can be used alongside the included VTS for optimal support
  • Allows Optimal Personal Configuration of Your Rifle
  • Fits on All 1913 Picatinny Rails
  • Improves Weapon Control and Ergonomics
  • Permits Safe and Efficient use in Extreme Operational Scenarios
  • Can be used Complimentary to the included PTK as a Thumb Support
  • Color:Black
PTK Specs:
Weight 60 gr
Width 34 mm
Height 61 mm
Length 130 mm

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