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What is the best Underwater Fishing Light?

The Green Blob submersible fishing light is the best of the best when it comes to night time fishing. And why is that you may ask? Well, our product is highly durable, highly energy efficient, and super bright!

So, how does the Green Blob underwater green fishing light compare to the competition?

Easy! I’ll give you the top 5 reasons our dock light beats out the rest!

  1. We use high-quality Green (or blue) LED lights. Most of our competitors use halogen which is not only dangerous (they can cause serious burns) but are very inefficient when it comes to energy. LEDs draw MUCH less power than their halogen counterparts. Anglers can now worry less about overloading circuits and draining batteries. Also, you cannot use a halogen powered underwater boat light outside of the water. If used outside of the water, the halogen light will burn out. However, our LEDs last way longer than all the other lights out there with an astounding 50,000 hours worth of light!


  1. The Green Blob Underwater Boat Light can be built in all sorts of different varieties when it comes to how you want to power them. We can build your green dock light using an AC Converter, Alligator clips, and even a cigarette plug adapter. No matter where you go, you will always have access to the power source of your choosing when it comes to our underwater fishing lights.


  1. The Green Blob Dock Light is hand made IN TEXAS! You heard me right, Green Blob Outdoors is a small mom and pop business ran in Rockdale, Texas where we build each fishing light by hand and to order!


  1. The Green Blob Underwater fishing light system has been known and is recommended to catch these fish: snook, trout, red fish, crappie, bass, striper, flounder, and squid. Why, just the other day we had a 13-year-old catch the biggest Snook of his life! He caught a second one but… it broke his rod in half. True story!


  1. We offer the best prices around! You can't beat our prices when it comes to handmade underwater fishing lights. Not only that, but we offer constant discounts and usually have a 10% discount at the top right of our page which can be added to the special offer discounts we run on our facebook page which can be found here: http://www.facebookcom/greenblobfishing.


So, what are you waiting for? Go check out our Green Blob Underwater Fishing Lights! Click Here