• Hand Built In Texas
  • Highly Durable
  • Brightest Light On the Market
  • Six-Month Warranty

Can I put my blob in saltwater?

Yes, you sure can. However, we highly suggest taking it out every week and giving it a cleaning. Also, we highly recommend coating the blob with petroleum jelly and/or wd-40. This will help to keep the barnacles and crud off.

Does your blob connect to an outlet? Does it have alligator clips?

We have both options. You can get a blob that connects to an outlet (Dock blobs) or we have the option to have a blob with alligator clips (and cigarette plug light plug). There is also the option to have both the three prong plug and alligator clips.

Does the blob sink?

Yes, the blob sinks as soon as you drop it in the water.

Is the blob plug and play?

Yes, just plug in the blob and drop it into the water.

Can you make the blob float?

Yes, we have had many customers use empty coke bottles or milk jugs to keep the blob afloat. Just use fishing line and run it through the opening of the blob then connect the flotation device.

How long before the game fish show up?

It depends on where you are fishing however we have seen action start in just five minutes. You won't have to wait long at all as our lights are extremely effective.

Do you guys have a warranty?

Yes, we have a six-month warranty in which we will rebuild your blob if it breaks.

What lumens do your blobs come in?

We have  7,500, 15,000, and 30,000 lumen options.

Can I drag my blob behind a boat?

No, you cannot. Although our blobs are very durable, physical damage to the blob voids the warranty as this goes against what the light was created for.

What kind of fish can I expect my light to bring?

Our green blobs have been known to bring in all sorts of fish. Here is a list but it is not fully comprehensive:

Fresh Water: Snook, walleye, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, white bass, crappie, carp, and catfish.

Saltwater: Many types of game fish, snappers, tarpon, sharks, and even manta rays(Hawaii).

Do you guys have a discount?

Yes, you can get our 10% discount by signing up for our email list from the popup that should come up on your screen.

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