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Here at Green Blob Outdoors we pride ourselves in having great customer service.  We have listed many of the questions received over the years from great customers like yourself but please contact us if you cannot find the information you're looking for.  Thank you very much for your business.

The Blob is perfect for both freshwater AND saltwater environments! However, we highly recommend removing your light on a regular basis for maintenance and cleaning. We also suggest coating the Blob with petroleum jelly and/or WD-40. This will help to prevent barnacles from adhering to the light's surface.

We offer both options. Depending on your preference, you can choose to power your Blob through an outlet (three prong plug) or alligator clips (includes cigarette light plug). Can't decide? We also offer a combined three prong plug and alligator clips option. 

The Blob is designed to immediately sink in water. The light's hollow, weighted design ensures that it will remain at the depth you choose without floating to the surface. 

Absolutely! Just plug it in or connect it up, drop it in the water, and prepare for a fish feeding frenzy!

Yes, we've had many customers use empty coke bottles or milk jugs to keep the Blob afloat. We suggest running fishing line through the opening of the light and then connecting it to the flotation device.

This will largely vary depending on the season, weather, temperature, and your location. In our experience, game fish typically take notice within as little as 5 minutes.

Your Blob is covered by a six-month limited warranty. If it breaks within that time (assuming regular care and maintenance was provided), we'll repair or replace it for you!

Blobs are available in 7,500, 15,000, and 30,000 lumens. 

No, this is not recommended. Although the Blob is quite durable, physical damage from misuse will void the warranty.

The Blob brings in a wide variety of fish! Here is a short list of some of the more common species you can expect to see:

Fresh Water: Snook, walleye, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, white bass, crappie, carp, and catfish.

Saltwater: Snappers, tarpon, sharks, and even manta rays.

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For the 30,000 Lumens Blob, you will need 150 watts.

For the 15,000/7,500 Lumens Blobs, you will need 120 watts.

Although Blobs do not become nearly as hot as halogen bulbs, they must remain in the water when turned on to prevent overheating and burning up.

Yes, the Blob can certainly be left in the water year-round. However, please note that regular maintenance is required to maintain the health and longevity of your light. For saltwater, please clean your Blob every 2-3 weeks and add Vaseline and/or WD-40 to prevent barnacles from adhering to the light's surface. For freshwater, a simple rise to remove algae is all that is required.

30,000 Lumens Blob - 32 inches in length/2.43 inches in diameter.

15,000 Lumens Blob - 16 inches in length/2.43 inches in diameter.

7,500 Lumens Blob - 8 inches in length/2.43 inches in diameter.