Free Shipping On All Orders!"...they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break." (Luke 5:6)

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Our Fish Story

Dear Fishing Enthusiast,

There's no need to head home at dark thirty.

You're about to join an elite group of anglers who can fish any location and any time of night with extreme results. My name is Mark Collier, and I began my fishing journey over 50 years ago in a small Texas town called Rockdale. As I write this, I'm reminded that it's been over half a century since I cast my first lure. Yikes! That's a surefire way to make a guy notice the aches and pains in his joints.

During my many years of angling, I've tried my fair share of underwater fishing lights... needless to say, I was never terribly impressed with any of them. Some would stop working within just a few weeks, while others were just too dim to attract anything outside of a 3-foot radius. So after countless nights of disappointment and frustration, I chose to take the matter into my own hands by designing an underwater fishing light that actually worked. Aside from the fishing aspect, I'm just thankful I don't have to worry about returning light after dysfunctional light!

Having first started as a passion project, the Blob is the result of many years of trial and error. Today, it has become my secret weapon for establishing and maintaining an aquatic feeding frenzy wherever and whenever I fish. It's so effective that I've actually grown accustomed to fellow night fisherman stopping to ask where they can purchase one for themselves; others just want to sit back and watch as I keep reeling em' in. Let's just say it has a habit of attracting about as much attention above the water as it does below it.

Experience it for yourself. I honestly can't wait for you to see what the Blob is capable of.

-Mark Collier (Founder & Builder)

PS: I forgot to mention that you're fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if something goes wrong for whatever reason, we'll repair or replace your Blob within 6 months of purchase. Don't worry, you're in good hands. We give you the "Texan Guarantee."


America's #1 Fishing Light

Handmade in the USA, the Green Blob Family of High-Powered LED Underwater Fishing Lights are designed to attract the largest of large game fish for an enhanced and unparalleled nighttime fishing experience.

Trigger A Feeding Frenzy

In a breathtaking display of predator-prey interaction, a hurricane of baitfish will swarm the Blob's glow in search of plankton while hungry predators strike from the shadows.


Tough & Versatile Construction

From tranquil lakes to briny coasts, the Blob’s extremely durable and completely waterproof exterior allows you to take advantage of both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Unmatched Luminosity

Entirely self-weighted, the Blob can be effortlessly submerged at the desired depth where the tubular design will emit 360 degrees of light for a supreme level of radiance.


Plug In, Drop In, Reel In

Whether you're fishing from a dock, boat, kayak, beach, or lakeshore, the Blob will provide anglers with their very own stocked pond brimming with active game fish eager to strike.

More Than A Fishing Light

In addition to being a must have for avid fisherman, the Blob will mesmerize friends and family alike as the incredible luminance converts any body of water into a personal aquarium- what monsters will you bring to the surface?


Texan Built-Handmade in the Lone Star State by a family of avid fisherman.

Long-Lasting-Rated at 50,000 hours of use, the Blob keeps glowing and glowing, night after night.

Durable Reach-Each Blob includes 30 feet of heavy duty, UV rated and insulated 16 gauge cable that is built to withstand outdoor conditions.

100% Waterproof-All LEDs are encased in IP68 rated housing, allowing the Blob to be fully submerged for extended periods of time.

High Luminosity Range-With an LED count ranging from 150 to 600 depending on your selected model, we guarantee you won't help but shout "WOW!" after powering up your Blob.

Flexible Power Options-The choice of several power supplies (3-prong plug, cigarette lighter adapter, alligator clips, or a combination) let's you light up the night no matter where you are.