Boat Bow LED Navigation (STERN & BOW) Light Kit, Red, Green, and White Strips for Bass boats, Waterproof

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Red, Green, and White LED Strips for Bass boats

These strips can be customized and cut to fit any application; can be cut at every 3 LED lengths
1 each 12
2 each 12
Each of our strips includes 12 inches of 22 gauge lead wire and high quality 3M double stick strip backing for easy mounting for your application. We also recommend using additional waterproof marine adhesive for added strength and durability.

Great for Bass, Pontoon, and Ski Boats, Kayaks and Jon Boats. Easy to install, long lasting LED's rated at 50,000 hours with very low current draw on your battery. Each strip is completely waterproof; encased in silicon with an IP66 rating