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Pimp My Kayak - LED Lighting DIY Kit - 30,000 Lumens - Includes Red & Green Navigation Lights

  • GBO Pimp my Kayak Kit includes all the materials you will need to make your yak stand out from the others! Kit includes 6ea 12" Green, Blue or Red led strips, 1ea red & green 12" led strip, fuse and fuse holder, waterproof push button switch, wire nut connectors, and 30" of power cable.
  • Versatility: The six main led strips (color of your choice) can be installed anywhere on your kayak in any combination.
  • Your kit will also Include 1 Red & 1 Green Navigation strips for the bow of your yak.
  • DIY: Our Complete Pimp my Kayak kit includes all the materials you need to pimp that yak!