Green Underwater Fishing LED Light Blob-15000 Night Fishing 15000 Lumens

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Fully Submersible, High Intensity, Low current draw,  Night Fishing Light LED Fluorescent Green for Crappie, Walleye, Trout, Redfish, Bass and more!   
  • Model: Blob-15000
  • Made in Texas for the outdoorsman in all of us
  • The Green Blob is in stock and ready to ship!
  • 15000 Lumens
  • 30ft Power Cord
  • Need a Modification (longer /shorter cable, different color)?  No problem!  Just shoot us a message!
  • The Green Blob-15000 LED fishing system will draw in the largest of the large game fish offering you the opportunity to catch the lunker you've always dreamed of. The Green Blob-15000 is a durable underwater green LED light fishing system creates a massive underwater green glow that will soon be surrounded with circling bait fish. Hungry predators will soon follow and lurk in the shadows waiting to strike, while the bait fish continually swim around the glowing Green Blob
  •  The Green Blob-15000 provides the angler with their very own stocked pond filled with large game fish just lurking and wanting to strike at easy targets.
  • These 300 Super Bright, High Intensity, LED's will make the water glow GREEN while under either your boat or fishing dock
  • The Green Blob's 300 High Intinsity LED Bulbs have a typical lifespan of 50,000 hours and will last you and your buddies many years of "catching" to come. You too can own the lights the pros use.  
  • The Green Blob-15000 is simply the BEST underwater fishing lights money can buy!. Durability Tested. We test every Green Blob system by connecting each one individually to a 12 volt dc power supply and dropping each down into our water tank where they stay fully submerged for a 24 hour period. 


The "Green Blob" Features:

* Fully Submersible for both Fresh and Saltwater use
* Approximately 17 inches in length
* Complete 360 Degree of fish catching illumination  
* Power Requirements: 12 Volts DC @ only 2.14 amps current draw per hour on your battery
* 300 Super High Intensity, IP68 Rated LED's encased 
in Silicon Waterproof Housing
* Includes Approximately 30' of  insulated and durable connect wire with Alligator Clips (Cig lighter Adapter, 110 Volt AC Adapter Optional)
* Also includes a 3 amp fuse fuse holder for added boater safety
* The Green Blob-15000 is our brightest light dollar for dollar on the market!
* A whopping 15000 lumens
* Rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use
* Self Weighting system: Just drop it in you favorite fishing hole and get ready for the action, no added weights needed.
* Perfect for use on any boat, kayak, canoe, or fishing dock!  Just simply connect to your 12 volt dc power source and start catching!