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Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light 15000 Lumen with Alligator Clips and Cigarette Lighter adapter with 30ft Cord

Made in Texas, The Green Blob 15000 Lumen LED Underwater Fishing Light is the most well made yet energy-efficient underwater fish attracting light made.


Made in Texas, the Green Blob Underwater fishing light provides an incredible 15000 Lumens 360 Degree Output. The Green Blob is perfect for boats and fishing docks,

IP68 Continuous Underwater Use Rating. Designed for Both Fresh and Saltwater.
Just 16 inches in length, Rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use, Self Weighting system with no weights needed. Just drop the fishing light into your favorite fishing hole or off your dock or pier and get ready for some fun LED underwater night fishing light action.
Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light | Incredibly Effective at Attracting Large Predatory Fish
Colors: Choose between Green, Blue, and White Illumination below. The Green Blob Outdoors underwater fish light arrives complete and Ready to go.  Includes Alligator Clips and Cigarette Lighter Adapter.  Connects and operates on 12-volts. The Green Blob 15000 draws only 4.5 amps so it will operate for several days on a fully charged marine battery. The Green Blob underwater fish attracting light is a great choice for catching Snook, Catfish, Bass, Red fish, Crappie, Squid, Stripers, Flounder, saltwater Trout and Lobstering

Underwater Fishing Lights by Green Blob Outdoors are available in Green, Blue, and White Colors