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LEDeXTREME LED Neon Rope Light LED Flexible Tube Light 12VDC LED Neon Strip Light IP68 Waterproof, Submersible, Decoration Light

LEDeXTREME Powerful IP68 Waterproof 100% Submersible Outdoor LED Light Strips are designed for Ponds, Patios, Deck Lighting, Pools, Saltwater, boats, marine, ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, kayaks, Auto, trucks, cars and more! Specifications: DC 12V low-voltage power supply, safe and energy efficiency 120 led per meter PCB Operation temperature: -20-50 Lifetime: 50,000hours Dimmable by using dimmer controller Water-proof rating: IP68( 100% Waterproof) Can be cut at every 3rd LED Does not include batteries

  • EXTREME FLEXIBILITY Our Neon Style LED Strips provide a very bright but smooth and even illumination effect. These Neon LED strips are simply the brightest and best made with the very best electronics and material on the market. LED Strips are IP68 rated (100% full-time submersible waterproof),
  • WATERPROOF SUBMERSIBLE IP68 rating, Designed for fulltime underwater use. Great for outdoor decks, pools, ponds, pontoon, and all types of boats, ATV's, golf carts, underbody trucks, and cars. Dimmable by using dimmer controller Water-proof rating: IP68( 100% Waterproof)
  • LONG LASTING 60,000 hours UL certification (E477884), 12 volt DC, Can be cut at every 3 inch interval along strips.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT Extremely Energy efficient. Connect to a 12-volt source such as a 12-volt battery or 12-volt power supply.
  • PLEASE NOTE** LED strips do not include power supply or adhesive tape backing, Designed to be installed in LED channels Can be cut at every 3rd led