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Multi-Color, Color Changing Dock-15000 Underwater Fishing Light with Remote Control

  • INTRODUCING the first multi-color, color changing underwater fishing light on the market! The Color Changing Blob includes easy to use wireless RF remote control.
  • No set up required.  Just plug in and play.
  • FEATURES: Multi-Color, Easy to use 17 key RF-Wireless Remote, 19 dynamic modes, 20 static colors, 5-levels for speed, strobe, constant and dimmable, Can be used out of the water as well.
  • FRESH & SALTWATER: The Blob color changing underwater fishing dock light is designed for both fresh and saltwater 24-7 continuous use.
  • DURABILITY: Our family of LED Underwater fishing lights are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use unlike the old power eating overheating halogen lights.
  • VERSATILITY: The Dock-Multi-15000 is completely portable and easy to install. Perfect for docks, backyard ponds, and swimming pools. Great for dock parties! Can be used out of water as well.
  • Can also be used out of the water as well with absolutely no worries of your Blob overheating.
  • Great fish attractor for snook, tarpon, catfish, flounder, shrimp, crappie, bass, shad and more.
  • COLOR SELECTION: Green Red, Blue. Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Off-White and many more.

 Due to Covid-19, this deal is currently out of stock.