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Pimp My Boat (Green) LED Boat Deck Lighting Kit DIY with Red & Green Navigation lights

Complete LED Boat Light Kit: GBO Pimp my Boat Kit includes all the materials you will need to make your boat standout from the others!
Versatile: Install your led strips anywhere you like. On your deck, on the rub rails, and  or under the console!
Easy installation The GBO Pimp My Boat kit is easy to install and includes written instructions provided
Do It Yourself: Our Complete Pimp my Boat kit includes all the materials you need to pimp that boat!

Kit Includes

  • 6ea 12 inch Waterproof SMD2835 Green LED strips 
  • 1ea 12 inch Waterproof SMD2835 Green & Red Navigation Light Strips
  • 20ft power cord
  • 1ea waterproof switch
  • 1ea Fuse/Fuse Holder
  • Installation Instructions

All LED strips include preinstalled outdoor double sided tape.