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Pimp My Pontoon Neon Green LED Under Deck Lighting DIY Kit 30,000 Lumens Includes Bonus Red & Green Navigation Lights

  • Upgrade your Pontoon Boat with 30,000 Lumens of Green Light!Your pontoon will have the very best and brightest LED strips on the market. The GBO Pimp My Pontoon Kit includes all the materials you'll need to make your pontoon stand out among the rest. 
  • Great for Fishing! Beyond giving your pontoon a unique and customized appearance, our LED strips are made with the very best electronics and materials on the market, and are so bright that they'll attract fish as well. Pimp My Pontoon LED strips are IP68 rated (100% full-time submersible waterproof), SMD5630 (brightest available LED strip).
  • Pimp My Pontoon Kit Includes: 2 each rolls of IP68 Waterproof rated, Extremely Bright Neon Green led strips (Choose LED Strip Rolls Length). 1 each 30cm Red LED Strip, 1 each 30sc Green LED Strip, 25ft 16/2 Power Wire, 1 waterproof On/Off Switch, 10-15 meters led Installation  Channel, Stainless Steel Channel Mounting Screws, Butt Connectors, Instructions.
  • Bonus: 30CM red & green navigation LED strips are included.
  • LED Strips can be Cut to Length:  LED Strips can be cut in 3 inch intervals. Cut marks are located on the back of LED strips