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Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat Structure and Fish Attractor Kit with Free Shipping


FISH OASIS: Acts as an ideal naturalistic sanctuary for all types of prey species and baitfish providing them with food sources and a protective structure. Predator fish are then drawn to these sites to take advantage of the available baitfish
PROVIDES DENSE STRUCTURE: Simulates natural habitats such as buckbrush and cedar. Provides a 7ft diameter by 4-foot height, dense structure. Lures and hooks will slide right thru the artificial limbs without hanging up. 
THE PERFECT GIFT: Fish N' A Buckets make a unique gift for all fishermen and the perfect compliment for one of our Green Blob underwater fishing lights.
EASY ASSEMBLY & INSTALLATION Includes 32 each, 30-34 inch limbs, and 5 each 16-18 inch limbs. Simply insert each limb into the pre-drilled holes, add ready mix concrete or pea gravel, and your Fish N' A Barrel is ready to be submerged into your favorite fishing spot. Instructions and helpful fishing tips included. 
ADD MORE FISH N' A BUCKETS: Take advantage of ourquantity discounts and Increase the diameter of your habitat's surface area by clustering more Fish N' A Bucket to your fishing spot. Makes a great addition to your dock and fish feeder by attracting more fish.

 More Stuff

Ready to take you fishing to the next level but unsure how to do so? Tired of seeing other fishermen leaving the lake with buckets filled with fish while you leave with barely a nibble? Well, here's the secret.

You need to know where the fish are!

Now, this may seem easier said than done (and it is). However, no need to worry as Green Blob Outdoors has your back! Introducing the newest product to the Green Blob Fishing line:

The Green Blob Fish N' a Barrel

It truly is like shooting fish in a barrel when you drop our handcrafted, Texas built, fishing habitat. Why follow other fishermen around trying to get a glimpse of their favorite fishing hole when you can create your own?

The Green Blob Fish N' a Barrel Fishing Habitat is perfect for:

  • Crappie

  • Bass

  • Catfish

  • Perch

  • Bluegill

  • Shad

  • Minnows

  • Crawfish

  • and many more species!

Why go through the hassle of purchasing an ultra-expensive fish finder when you can simply drop our Fish 'N a Barrel Fishing habitat at your favorite fishing spot effectively turning it into a fishing hotspot!

Use Green Blob Fish 'N a Barrels to create secret fishing spots only you and your close buddies know about!