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Green Blob Underwater Fishing Light Battery Recommendations

A typical deep cycle marine battery will supply enough power to operate our 15000 Lumen Blob underwater fish light for up to 18 hours between charges.  It will operate our 7500 Lumen Blob for 24-26 hours.  However if you are looking for a lighter more portable battery then here are some suggestions on some high quality but more portable batteries:

For Greater Battery Life

Weighing 23 lbs., this heavier battery option will operate a Blob-15000 for approximately 7-8 hours when fully charged. 

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For Greater Portability

This battery option weighs only 13 lbs. and will operate a Blob-15000 for approximately 4-4.5 hours when fully charged.


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This high-quality battery charger is recommended for charging the batteries listed above.

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