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Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat

The Right Place + The Right Time + The Right Lure = Fish On!

Did you know that catching more fish boils down to this one simple equation? After all, casting your best lure at the perfect time of day won't amount to much more than an empty hook if the fish are nowhere around! The Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat is your solution to always knowing where the action is — no expensive fish finder required.

An Effective Fish Oasis

Trigger the food chain and bring the aquatic activity to you! With the Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat, prey species everywhere will be drawn to the sanctuary and food sources provided by the cover. The result? Predatory fish won't be far behind. 

Naturalistic & Practical

The Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat is designed to simulate natural underwater shelter where fish instinctively tend to congregate. But here's the catch: unlike real submerged cover, the habitat's artificial limbs allow hooks and lures to pass effortlessly through without snagging. That means more awesome fishing opportunities and less frustrating hang-ups. 

The BLOB's Best Friend

Like peanut butter and jelly or fish and chips, the Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat is the perfect complement to any BLOB model. Simply hovering a BLOB fishing light above the artificial structure is guaranteed to have fish sticking around all year round. Grab both today and gift yourself (or the fisherman in your life) the ultimate angling experience!

More Habits, More Fish!

There's no need to follow other fisherman around in hopes of finding their "secret" fishing hole. Take advantage of our quantity discounts and turn any location into your own personal fishing hotspot! With the larger cover established by clustering multiple Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitats together, it'll truly be like catching fish in a barrel. 

Easy Assembly & Installation

Simply insert each limb into the pre-drilled holes, add ready mix concrete or pea gravel, and your Fish 'N A Barrel Artificial Habitat is ready to be submerged at your favorite fishing spot. Detailed instructions and helpful fishing tips are included.